Harry Potter mom Molly Weasley

9 Harry Potter Moms ~ The best, the worst, and more!

While chatting with a YA book blogger on Twitter the other day, I was a little stunned to find out she had never read the Harry Potter book series before. Now, I don’t know anything about her so it’s nothing personal, but I’m always stunned when I come across someone who hasn’t read the series.

But, it got me thinking about Harry Potter and since Mother’s Day is coming up, I got to thinking about the Harry Potter moms!

Harry Potter mom Molly Weasley

Harry Potter is without a doubt one of my favorite book series. I have some wonderful memories of reading the series with my kids, traveling and visiting Harry Potter attractions, and just the community that being a fan lets you into!

There are quite a few magical moms, or should I say – MUMS – in the Harry Potter series. Some of the Harry Potter moms we probably all wish we had. And some, well, not so much! Here’s my rundown of the Harry Potter moms in the series.

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Harry Potter Bucket List

The Awesome Harry Potter Moms

I love this meme I found on Facebook. It kind of says it all! There is an overarching theme throughout the series about the importance of Harry Potter’s moms. Even the ones he wasn’t born to, or maybe especially.

Lily Potter – Harry Potter’s mom

Lily Potter is, of course, Harry Potter’s mom. We “meet” Harry’s mum, Lily throughout the series. But, it’s through others’ memories of her that we learn who she was.

Our initial introduction is through Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. Their opinion of Lily is very skewed and not the most flattering.

Then, when Harry gets to Hogwarts, he starts hearing different stories of his mum. How brave she was, how smart she was, how kind she was. A very different picture than what he’d been told his whole life prior.

In the end, Harry Potter’s mom, Lily, sacrificed herself to save her son. The ultimate act of love and, as we learn, some very powerful magic!

Harry Potter Bucket List

Molly Weasley – Ron and gang’s mum

Mrs. Weasley is a fan favorite! She is probably the most popular of the Harry Potter mothers. We meet her as welcoming and warm-hearted.

She loves her family fiercely, but she can also be a little scary! With all those boys running around, you know she’s had to develop a strong backbone over the years!

Molly Weasley became somewhat of s stand-in for Harry Potter’s mom. She welcomed Harry into her heart before she even knew him. While she “met” Harry in the train station, she didn’t know who he was at that point. Then, at Christmas, Harry discovers he has Christmas presents from her, just like her kids!

At the end of the Harry Potter series, while fighting Bellatrix, Molly shows her true fighter’s spirit! She is ruthless and fierce! Bellatrix doesn’t stand a chance against her!!

My friend Karen at Moving Towards Better says this about Molly, “She’s loving and kind with the ability to be a total badass when it’s necessary.” That pretty much sums her up!

With all of that, you can see why Molly has become and remained one of the most popular Harry Potter moms.


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I have really been enjoying going back through the Harry Potter series. This quote really struck me this weekend as I was finishing up the fourth book. Molly Weasley has long been one of my favorite characters, but this sums her up nicely! ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ I have read this quote several times before, but this time through two things were different for me. One, these days hugs can be deadly and can only be given to the select few living under your roof. And two, it struck me that I won’t be getting a hug from my mom any more.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ I you have family hunkering down with you, give them a hug! And if, like me, you no longer have a mom to hug here’s a virtual hug from me (( ))⠀ #harrypotterquotes #missingmom #abookloversadventures #bookbloggersofinstagram #readersofinstagram

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Harry Potter Bucket List

The Not-So-Awesome Harry Potter Mothers

Aunt Petunia Dursley – Harry’s Aunt and Dudley’s mum

This is the mom Harry basically grew up with. She dotes on her own son but pretty much ignores Harry. Any time Harry Potter’s mom is brought up, the topic is met with derision and contempt.

We know that Petunia loves her own son, but she is blind to his faults. He takes advantage of her adoration on more than one occasion.

There are a few times that Petunia actually steps out of character and shows us a different side of herself. At one point she actually admits how she felt about losing her sister (Harry Potter’s mom), but it’s not until much later in the series that we see this.

We mostly learn just how jealous she was of her sister, Lily Potter. How judgemental she was of the whole wizarding community (because she wasn’t able to be part of it?).

But, in the end, we learn she has agreed to let Harry live with her and her family and to protect him. Even though the very sight of him makes her extremely uncomfortable, she agrees to keep him safe in her house until he turns eighteen years old.

So, I suppose in the end, Aunt Petunia was a Harry Potter mother, even though she took the role almost in protest.

Narcissa Malfoy – Draco’s mum

Narcissa Malfoy makes her first appearance in Madam Maulkin’s shop while Draco is getting fitted for robes. She doesn’t say a whole lot, but she comes across as cold and snobbish. She seems to look down her nose at those less fortunate and those who aren’t purebloods.

Surprisingly, Narcissa is also one of the more popular Harry Potter moms. I had one friend say, “I also empathized with Draco’s Mom. Yes, she was “evil” but she loved and tried to protect her son and husband.”

Karen from Moving Towards Better said, “as much as they mollycoddled Draco when it came down to it, she let Harry live and defied Voldemort because she was so grateful to know Draco was still alive and that scene where she walks away at the end was fantastic. They’re dark and twisted but she is all about family.”

So in the end, while she wasn’t Harry Potter’s mom, Narcissa also sacrificed for Harry’s life and he lived to fight another day because of her.

Walburga Black – Sirius Black’s mum

Walburga Black is probably not the first (or even second or third) name that pops to mind when thinking of Harry Potter moms!

We meet Mrs. Black in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I think we actually hear her first – screeching! Her portrait is hung on the stairway of Sirius Black’s family home.

This is the same home Sirius was thrown out of because he didn’t hold the same beliefs as the rest of his family. And, the same home that is now being used as the base for The Order of the Phoenix.

True Voldemort followers, purebloods through and through, the Black family were all Slytherins, with the exception of Sirius.

His dear mum burned his name off the family tree. Not exactly a warm and fuzzy family here! And we certainly don’t get the impression of hugs and hot cocoa with her!

So, while Walburga Black is not one of the endearing Harry Potter moms, it is because of her actions that Sirius is part of Harry’s life.

Merope Gaunt – Tom Riddle (Voldemort)’s mum

Merope Gaunt. Again, not someone you might think about when considering your favorite Harry Potter mothers.

She’s not a character we hear much about. Merope Gaunt is introduced to us in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

And, it turns out, Merope is Tom Riddle’s mom. Voldemort’s mom.

She dies during birth, so we don’t actually know what kind of a mom she might have been, but we do know that she used a love potion on Riddle’s father. And, as soon as she stopped giving it to him, he left her!

She might have wound up being a good mom, but she never had the chance. Growing up with her father and brother – who both had their own issues – Merope didn’t have a very happy life.

It would have been hard for her to be much of a mom, she didn’t have any good maternal role models in her life.

And while Voldemort’s mom looked very different than Harry Potter’s mom, both of these women had a profound effect on both Harry and Voldemort!

Harry Potter Bucket List

Unusual Magical Harry Potter Mother Figures

Hermione Granger

While Hermione is most certainly not the typical Harry Potter mom, she certainly plays the role well to her friends! I had never really thought of Hermione as a Harry Potter mother figure until I read this from my friend, April.

April from Momma Geek blog says this about Hermione, “Harry is an orphan surrounded by parent figures. It’s why, even though he was in the cupboard under the stairs, we harbor anger towards his extended family but sympathy for his being an orphan doesn’t linger.

He himself never grows to that parental role while the other characters do. Hermoine always had it, but it was nurtured by this dichotomy. She is the most influential parental role in the books.

We see that she has to grow up quickly. Her novice and immaturity were apparent, like the kid that falsely thinks they know how to be an adult and rules being rote and unconditional.

But she mastered her parental skills silently and without the support of time. Her understanding of right and wrong were eventually painted with shades of gray, necessitated by adult decision-making.

The boys broke rules for adventure, peer pressure, or even justly, single-minded purposes. She instead based her actions on the necessity of the better good. This often included keeping the boys out of trouble.

Hermione became the conscience and the emotional safety net that the boys needed and what a situation demanded. She scolded and put her foot down. She cheered and felt pride. Her resolute morality and character pulled Ron out of his extended childhood and into responsibility.

He was happy to stay out of trouble before, but from fear and not an appreciation of why rules exist. Ron eventually was able to weigh his needs from his wants and became a brave hero instead of a reluctant participant.

He no longer needed her as a mother, but instead a companion. (But I believe he is the kind that leaves his socks on the floor to this day.)

Harry, on the other hand, pushed the boundaries. His eye was always on the unknown and righting a wrong. Frequently, he dragged others along, rarely taking time to think it through.

If you can’t tell, I love to take fantasy and sci-fi and give it its rightful place. Especially since it reaches much wider age groups and subconsciously teaches complex morals that few books in their age group may teach. And often when they do, the young reader is beat over the head with them.

Sci-fi and fantasy are well situated to lead the immature mind to self-analyze. Children naturally have a stiff perspective of right and wrong. Books like these build on a complex morality that the real world necessitates. And they are straight-up awesome.”

So, while we may not normally think of Hermione as one of the Harry Potter moms, she rightfully earns the role and is able to be both mom and friend to Harry.


Again, not a typical selection for an article on Harry Potter moms, but Hagrid is like a mother hen to Harry and his friends.

Hagrid has a unique bond with Harry since he’s the one who rescued him right after Harry Potter’s mom and dad were killed by Voldemort.

You see Hagrid’s maternal instincts kicking in when he has to hand Harry over to live with the muggles.

Hagrid keeps an eye on Harry throughout the series. You can tell the bond between them is more than just a teacher/student relationship. It’s even more than friends!

We see this same maternal instinct kick in when Hagrid’s dragon is hatched. He calls himself the dragon’s mum (not dad). He dotes on the baby dragon and cares for it like it was a pet.

Hagrid treats all of his creatures with tender care and seems oblivious to their dangers. Hagrid is one of my favorite Harry Potter mother figures!

Professor McGonagall

I would never call Professor McGonagall one of the Harry Potter moms. To me, Minerva McGonagall needs, and deserves, the title of Harry Potter mother.

Professor McGonagall is most assuredly an unlikely Harry Potter mother figure. But, as Head of Gryffindor House, she is pretty much Harry Potter’s mom (and the rest of Gryffindor)!

She is strict when needed, she is kind more often than not, and she is caring!

My friend Tammy at Women Managing Stress says this about Professor McGonagall- “While she had a formality at times, she also hid smiles and understood what those in her house truly needed.

At the end of the series, she was looking out for all of those at Hogwarts, and immediately expressed relief when she saw Harry.”

Which Harry Potter Mom are you?

So, what do you think? Did I forget of any of the Harry Potter moms?

And I wonder, which of the Harry Potter moms do you most relate to?

It seems to me, that of all the characters in the books, the Harry Potter mothers really shine! They are everything from warm and loving to fierce and brutal.

At the very least, I’d say this group of Harry Potter moms is a very dynamic and formidable group of characters here!

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  1. Oh I love this post. such a cool idea for mother’s Day. Molly Weasley is just the best!! Kind-hearted but fierce!
    I have to admit I’m also one of the people who love Narcissa Malfoy. ‘ They’re dark and twisted but she is all about family.’ –> This exactly! And I love dark and twisted characters who are still complex and not bacl or white. Is she the most warm-hearted and kindest of Mothers? Well … eh no. Did Draco nevertheless was lucky to have her? I think so.

    Oh, and I love that you inlcuded Hermione, Hagrid and Prof McGonagall!

  2. I love Molly. I’ve just been watching the first couple with my youngest and she makes me smile. I also always think of Tonks who never really got the chance to be a mum and Neville’s mum (and dad) who were so brave to be fighting against Voldemort. I think his parents deserve as much praise as Harry’s.

    Fantastic post 🙂

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