10 Picture Perfect Reasons to Visit WB Studio London

Visit WB Studio Tour London

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, then surely the WB Studio Tour just outside London is on your Bucket List!  If it isn’t, it should be!  It is one of the ultimate pilgrimages for Harry Potter fans from around the world.  And, guess what, it’s an easy Day Trip from London!

If you do go, make sure you schedule your trip ahead of time.  You will need to choose a specific day/time and purchase your tickets early ~ probably several months ahead of time!  Personally, I would recommend going in the morning.  That way you can take your time and not go in after a long day.  You can expect to spend between 3-4 hours looking around!

Harry Potter Bucket List

Images to Entice

Here’s 10 Images from our visit that will have you wanting to plan your own visit!

1.  The cupboard under the stairs

This is where it all started!  We meet Harry Potter in the cupboard under the stairs.  You can almost hear Aunt Petunia screeching, “Up!  Get up!  Now!”


WB Studio London

Photo Credit: Samantha Svare

2.  The Hogwarts Express

“A scarlet steam engine was waiting next to a platform packed with people.”  You are able to actually walk through the Hogwarts Express.  There are props used in the filming in the different compartments throughout the train.

Hogwarts Express

Photo Credit: Samantha Svare at WB Studio London


3.  The Wands

The wand chooses the wizard!  These are each of the wands created for the filming.  They are works of art!  All twenty-four are unique to their user.  This was a favorite display!

Harry Potter wands

Photo Credit: Samantha Svare at WB Studio London

4.  The Great Hall

“Harry had never imagined such a strange and splendid place…These tables were laid with glittering golden plates and goblets.”  The Great Hall is as impressive as you would think.  The tables are all set, ready for the influx of new students coming in to be sorted!  All around the Hall there are costumes used throughout the filming.

Great Hall Hogwarts

Photo Credit: Samantha Svare at WB Studio London


5.  The costumes

Some of the favorite costumes in the Great Hall are Professors Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall’s costumes.  While not all of the hundreds of costumes used in the filming of the eight films were accounted for, there were quite a few.  The details that went into these costumes were amazing to see!

WB Studio Tour

Photo Credit: Samantha Svare at WB Studio London


6.  Professor Delores Umbridge’s office

While I’m sure you are not a fan of Delores Umbridge, it was fun to see her Hogwart’s office.  Some of the plates even had moving images, just like in the films.  Her costumes were also on display.  It was interesting to see that as the movies went on and Umbridge got darker and meaner, her costumes got darker.  I never noticed that while watching the movies!

Harry Potter Filming

Photo Credit: Samantha Svare at WB Studio London

7.  The Chamber of Secrets

The gateway to the Chamber of Secrets is just as creepy as one might imagine it would be!  In another section of the tour you are able to see the creatures that were created for the films.  The giant Basilisk was on display (in pieces), and it was awesome!

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Photo Credit: Samantha Svare at WB Studio London

8.  Aunt Marge Dursley

Who can forget the fabulously descriptive scene in the third book where Aunt Marge got blown up like a balloon!

WB Studio Tour

Photo Credit: Samantha Svare at WB Studio London

9.  The Creature Department

The Creature Department had some of the most impressive displays!  Aragog was just one of the many creatures that came to life through this Department!  There were Pixies, the Monster Book of Monsters, Mermaids, Dobby,  Grawp (Hagrid’s brother), the Werewolf, Owls, Fenir Grayback, Hagrid, and so much more!

WB Studio Creature Department

Photo Credit: Samantha Svare at WB Studio London

10.  Death Eater Masks

The Death Eater Masks were horrifying and beautiful at the same time!  They were each an incredible work of art.



WB Studio Tour London

Photo Credit: Samantha Svare at WB Studio London

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Bonus Picture

This is the scale model of Hogwarts that was used during the filming.  They did a 24-hour cycle of the lighting so you could see Hogwarts at any time of day or night.  This is Hogwarts at night! It was beautiful watching how it looked during all the different lighting.

Hogwarts at WB Studio London

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WB Studio Tour

Photo Credit: Samantha Svare

Planning Your Visit to WB Studio London

So, have I convinced you that you need to head over to London?!  My family is slowly but surely working our way through some of the Bucket List places to visit for Harry Potter fans.  The WB Studio Tours in London is definitely a big ticket destination.  Especially for those of us coming from the US.  But, in my humble opinion, it was very much worth the trip!

If you do have the chance to visit, make sure you plan your time so you can look around for as long as you want.  And, either clean out your phone so you can take lots of pictures, or bring a separate camera!  Trust me, you’ll want it!!

But, even if you can’t head over the pond, I hope you enjoyed these images and felt like you’ve gotten to see at least a little of it.  I appreciate your visiting my page!  If you enjoyed this article, please share with your friends on Social Media!

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