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Letting Go – One of the Joys and Agony of Parenting

My Year of Adventure ~ Week # 25

For the year of 2017, I have challenged myself to A Year of Adventure!  For me, that means trying new things, going new places and stretching myself.  This week, my “adventure” included learning that letting go, as a parent, is pretty hard sometimes!


Letting Go is a Drag Sometimes!

What is your definition of successful?  According to, successful is: having attained wealth, position, honors, or the like.  My definition is very different.  I think success is more along the lines of happy, healthy and contributing to society!  And, as a parent, my definition of success is raising children who are happy, healthy (physically and mentally), independent (both in finances and thoughts), and contributing to society!  

This week’s adventure involved watching my daughter leave on an international trip, without me!  While on the one hand I’m thrilled that my 16 year old is independent enough to go on this trip without her family, but on the other hand… my baby’s growing up too fast!  Letting go and letting our kids spread their wings is really hard some days!

raising kids

Growing up

As our kids grow up, we are given opportunities to let them spread their wings and make decisions.  Sometimes their decisions are good and sometimes they are “learning” experiences!  Either way, I see my job as letting them have these opportunities.  And, depending on their age, the opportunity may be letting them choose how they clean their room, or letting them hang out downtown with friends (and no parents), or letting them head off to a foreign country on their own!  Whichever stage we’re at, the choices are usually meant to challenge our kids (and me as a parent!).  And, part of  successful parenting involves providing these opportunities, and letting them fail sometimes!

Letting go

Each phase of watching our kids’ growing up comes with it’s own pieces of letting go.  From our first time dropping them off at Preschool or Kindergarten to dropping them off at college, each phase is hard!  This week we said good-bye to our daughter as she boarded a plane to go to Nicaragua.  This is the first time she’s traveled without us!  And, to a foreign country!!  She is going with our mission team from church, so it’s not like she’s going all by herself.  But, we’re not there!!  I’m sure this milestone is much harder on me than her.

Being Successful…

So, have you thought about what successful parenting means to you?  Do you want your kids to independent?  Make the hard decisions on their own?  How have you let your kids spread their wings?

Some days, being a parent kinda sucks!  I’m mean, I really love being a parent and all, but it’s going just a little too quickly.  Next year we’ll be dropping her off at college and all the choices will be on her.  So, I know, giving her opportunities to have independence is really important.  And, she’s a better person for having these opportunities.  But, as a mama, while I’m extremely proud, I miss my little girl sometimes!

Letting go

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  1. There is always a milestone with kids isn’t there? Just when you think you’ve conquered one, another is around the corner. I am successful – I’ve kept him alive! 😂 I was never maternal and genuinely wing it every day. I just want him to be happy and healthy – if he is both of these I will feel like I have done something right. Sorry for the late comment, better late than never! Thanks for joining #TriumphantTales.

  2. my comments on successful parenting recently have been that all 5 have reached adulthood and are still speaking to us #triumphanttales

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