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How To DIY Harry Potter Altered Art Craft

Have you seen any altered art yet?!  It’s also called blackout poetry or blackout art or book page art.  I am crazy about it!  There are some incredibly talented folks out there making gorgeous pictures.  I am definitely NOT one of them, but (and this is the really cool thing) mine still look kinda cool.

I recently tried this with copies of Harry Potter book pages and tried my hand at some Harry Potter book page art. Here’s one of my “masterpieces” that I was able to create.

black out poetry
Harry had a letter!

Harry Potter Blackout Poetry

For some inspiration, here are some really amazing blackout poetry examples.

Harry Potter Book Page Art

These pages don’t use any of the blackout poetry, they just use images for their art.

Altered Art Books

Check out these amazing examples of using the whole book to create altered art.

How-To Make Your Own Altered Art Poetry

So, if you are interested in trying this on your own, here are a few tips:

  1.  Before you go ripping up your books, copy the pages and work on the copies.  Copy paper absorbs the ink a little differently than book paper, so for me, it seemed to work better.
  2. Use fine or even ultra-fine tip markers.  I have seen them done in watercolors, colored pencils, even crayons.  But, for me, the fine-tipped images really seem to pop.
  3. There seem to be two camps as to the “how-to”.  One side says draw your image first and choose words that are left.  The other side chooses the words first and creates the design or image around that.  Doesn’t seem to me that either side is right or wrong, just two different approaches for you to try!
  4. Check out Pinterest and see what others are doing.  Here’s my Pinterest board to check out.
  5. Play around and try different styles, colors, words.  See what you like.  And, most importantly ~ HAVE FUN!

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altered art Harry Potter

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  1. I think this would be great for my kids too to help with their reading comprehension which my little ones struggle with to have them draw out what they just read. They love being creative and this would bridge their needs and loves together!

    1. I’m not super artsy either, which is why I copied the pages. I knew I’d need several copies to go through 🙂 Try it!! You don’t have to be crafty for it to look cool!

  2. The book lover in me freaked out at first, but I’m glad it’s done on copies. 😄 This looks like fun! I can’t wait to try it.

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