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More Than Just Making It ~ Book Review

Book Review ~ More Than Just Making It by Erin Odom

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I was invited to be part of a book launch team for the book, More Than Just Making It by Erin Odom.  So, I eagerly said yes because, (1) I had never been on a book launch team before and (2) I enjoy reading books and sharing them with you!

So, having said that, I did receive this book free, but the opinions expressed are my own!



What I was Expecting

Now, I’ve got to be honest with you.  When I signed up to read this book, I had no idea what it was about or who the author was.  So, I came in blind with very little expectations!  Based on the title, More Than Just Making It, I went into it thinking it had something to do with finances and maybe getting ahead in life.  And, since I often read books about finances and am in charge of our finances at home, I figured it was a good fit for me to read!

Meeting Expectations and more

As opposed to a how-to book, this was more of an inspirational book with practical ideas and tips.  The story of the Odom family going from solid middle class America to needing government assistance and climbing back out of that pit was a gripping story.  The frightening part is that their story could be almost any of ours.  I know if my husband changed jobs and his pay was cut in half or more, we’d be in a world of hurt!  While we do have some savings, it would require major life changes to accommodate the lower salary.

More than just making it


The Odom’s story includes how they got to their place of need, what it was like for them to be in need, and how they were able to get back to financial stability and ensure they would stay there!  Woven throughout the book are insights, tips and encouragement to help all of us!  Whether we are currently in a place of need, maybe we’ve been there before, or maybe we need to gain an understanding of it all, this book has insights for all of us!


Inspired to Change

Erin Odom has put a human face on the issue of the working poor in America.  Growing up, we were firmly lower middle class and we had hand-me-downs and help in a lot of forms.  I honestly don’t know if we were ever on government assistance, but I know there are times in my childhood that we probably could have been.  In reading this book, I examined my feelings about the poor and people who need government assistance.  I’ll admit, it was hard sometimes!  I am a Christian and consider myself to be a pretty loving and kind person, but I came up against some presumptions and prejudices that I didn’t realize I was living with!

more than just making it

It has always been our desire to have less so we can experience more!  I came away from this book with a renewed sense of purpose to live simply and contentedly.  Paring down our “stuff” and our finances is definitely in order!

Being debt-free has always been important to my husband and I, and this story just reinforced our why!  And, it was a good kick in the butt to get back on track with tracking our money.  I’ve been lazy lately because, well, no good excuse expect that life is busy.  So, my commitment to myself and my husband is to re-do our budget this week and start our financial conversations again!  Life is full of uncertainty!  But, I need to be on top of what I can control!

Why I think it would appeal to others in a variety of circumstances

One of the things I really like about More Than Just Making It is that there are “take-aways” for pretty much everyone!  If you are in need of assistance, Erin walks you through some of that path.  If you are not in need of assistance, but have a spending problem, Erin also give some very practical tips for curbing your spending!  Even if your finances are very stable, Erin can give you an understanding of what others might be going through.

Whatever your circumstance right now, I do believe you will enjoy this book and take away inspiration and encouragement!

About the Author

Erin Odom is the founder of The Humbled Homemaker, a blog dedicated to grace-filled living and designed to equip and encourage mothers in the trenches.  Over the years, her Southern charm and wealth of inspirational, practical content has drawn an audience of millions.  Erin and her husband live in the South where they raise their four children.

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