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Your Ultimate Family Vacation Planner

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Family vacations are supposed to be about spending quality time together and making memories! Is that how your family vacations go?

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Your Ultimate Family Vacation Planner!

Make this family vacation the best yet!

How Do you Plan the Best Vacation Ever?

Step-by-step! And, I’ll walk you through it from the Dream phase to Vacation Time!

The KEY to a Great Family Vacation is to Know What Everyone Wants from their Vacation!

Find out what everyone wants from their vacation! Let everyone dream – and DREAM BIG! Doesn’t mean it’ll work out exactly that way, but it’s a great way to kick off vacation planning!

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Ultimate Family Vacation Planner

Once you know what everyone wants, it’s so much easier to make plans!

I’ll walk you through start to finish! From the Dream phase of vacation planning to saving money and booking your accommodations!

Dream Phase

Everyone in the family participates! That way, you know what everyone wants!

Budget Your Dream

Tips and tricks to save money for vacation and on vacation!

Make Your Plan

Step-by-step, I’ve got your worksheets to help you get everything planned out perfectly!

Vacation Time!

You’ve dreamed of it, you’ve budgeted for it, you’ve planned for it ~ now it’s time to enjoy!

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Hi there! I’m Becki Svare, owner and writer at A Book Lover’s Adventures

I remember very clearly about 6 years ago thinking about how few family vacations we had left. Prior to that moment, we had never really had a “family vacation.”

So, I sat down and thought about what I wanted to know before our 6 years were up.

I knew I wanted my kids to have a passport and know how to use it. I wanted them to know how to fly, how to check train schedules and travel via trains, and how to stay in everything from hostels to resorts!

And, probably much more importantly, I wanted to make sure we had some awesome family memories to look back on! (This is a picture of us on our second trip abroad – in Iceland!)

So, I want to share with you my secrets to planning a fantastic family vacation and creating those wonderful memories!

Family Vacations are Popular!

So, let’s make sure we make the most of them!!

Family Travel

According to AAA Travel, an estimated 88 million Americans are planning to travel this year!

Road Trip

64% of those families will be taking a road trip this year!

International Travel

And, 35% of families are planning to travel overseas this year!

But, I wonder how many of those 88 million will be having a wonderful family vacation?! With some easy planning, and a couple of extra steps, you can beat the odds and be one of the families that are creating great memories!

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