This is perfect for you…

Exclusive Handmade, Limited-Edition

Harry Potter Ornaments

Exclusive & Original

Each handmade unique ornament that looks kinda like the dragon eggs in the Tri-Wizard Tournament can be customized to your Hogwarts House preferences.

But don’t worry ~ NO books were harmed in the making of these gorgeous ornaments.

In the infamous words of Professor Snape, I can still “turn to page 394” 😉

Look, we both know…

If I asked you which House you’re in… you would already know I’m talking about Hogwarts. (Go Hufflepuffs!)

Each September 1st …you get sad because you’ve dreamed about catching the Hogwarts Express from Platform 9-3/4.

And if I looked closely…I’d probably find a wand, figurine, robe or something in your home to set you apart from the Muggles.

which is why

These ornaments were created just for you.

Check out the unboxing video to see what you get!

  • You too can fall in love with your very own special Harry Potter ornament.
  • Carefully packaged so the owl delivery doesn’t mess it up.
  • Enjoy the unexpected thrill of uncovering the secrets of your own unique ornament!
  • And, since product is limited, not many others will have one of these exclusive ornaments.

Be one of the first to order and get your House colors!

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$25.00 (16% off) + FREE Shipping

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You might be wondering…

Why buy now??


Like the Tri-Wizard Tournament, these beauties won’t be around for long. We will be making a limited number of ornaments for this year. It is first come first served. So, don’t miss your opportunity.

What you need to know

Limited Quantity

Orders are being taken now, but when supplies run out – they’re gone!

Order NOW

$30.00 while supplies last

$25.00 (16% off) + FREE Shipping

Shipping Dates

Owls will be heading out immediately with each paid order.

Orders within the US will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

Shipping Elsewhere

If you would like shipping outside the US, email us for a quote at

Multiple Ornaments

If you would like more than one ornament, please email order to

A Glimpse Behind the Process…

To give you a sneak peek of how labor intensive these are, here’s a glimpse of part of the process of creating the ornaments.

Be one of the first to order and choose your House colors!

Harry Potter Gryffindor ornament
Harry Potter Hufflepuff ornament
Harry Potter Slytherin ornament
Harry Potter Ravenclaw ornament

Don’t worry, no house elves were abused in the making these ornaments 😉