Hey Potterhead, here’s something you might be interested if…

I know, I know. Planners are a dime a dozen. Heck you probably have one hidden away collecting dust on your desk right now. But, if you’ve been fantasizing that 2020 would just be over, well, we probably would need a Timer Turner for that. Maybe though, we can make 2021 a little more magical…

Enjoy your love of Harry Potter without the Cheesy

And, with the help of the Magical Adventure Planner, you too can join the ranks of witches and muggles alike who:

  • make it to the Ministry of Magic on time every time, even when they change the time of your meeting (without mentioning it)
  • have dinner with the family on-time without the help of house elves
  • don’t want to waste their time filling out planner pages they’re never going to use anyway
  • make new habits and get that to-do list knocked out

Take a sneak peak at some of the pages you can print off

So, what’s included?

Harry Potter Planner
  • Digital file delivered immediately upon purchase
  • Undated month-at-a-glimpse pages
  • Monthly to-do page
  • Undated weekly to-do page (2-page spread)
  • Daily to-do page
  • Monthly motivational quotes from your favorite series
  • Habit tracker to keep on track with your exercise, hydration, meditation, or whatever you want to make a habit
  • Weekly meal planning space
  • Plenty of space for your to-do list and note-taking
Harry Potter planner

I’m Becki, resident muggle-born and the person Harry Potter fans turn to for unique and useful Harry Potter swag without spending all your galleons.

Using this planner has helped me really stay focused throughout the day to make a dent in my to-do list and growing my business. Creating new habits, a running to-do list, and monthly motivational quotes for the win!

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Bonus #1 – Goal Crusher Set

Pages included:

  • Annual Goal Sheet
  • Quarterly Goal Sheet
  • Weekly Task Tracker
  • Goal Crusher Book List

Bonus #2 – Book Lover Set

Pages Include:

  • Reading Tracker
  • Reading Journal

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