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Entertaining Teens ~ And Loving It!

Entertaining Teens

With school getting ready to start (or for some of you, it’s just started), I thought I would get some thoughts together on entertaining teens.  Our house tends to one of the houses that they hang out at for some crazy reason.  I say that because we have no pool, one small-ish tv, no great gaming system – we’re pretty basic around here!  But, one thing we do have is food!  Oh, and we have a few  board games (we’re kinda old school, I guess).  But mostly, I have no problem having them all over pretty much whenever they need a place to be.

Be Prepared with Games

We know we’re going to have teacher-duty days, holidays, hurricane days, etc., so why not be ready for them!

Here’s a list of game ideas I thought were fun:

  • Murder Mystery party:  This takes more ahead of time planning, and you have to have the right mix of kids, but it’s a lot of fun!
  • Minute-to-Win-it:  These are a ton of fun, and you can mix it up pretty easily!  (great ideas all over Pinterest!)
  • Teens GamesBoard/Old-School games:  A new one on the market is Exploding Kittens,  similar to Apples to Apples, which is always fun!
  • Life-size games: Pac-Man, Connect 4, Jenga (you can find these on Pinterest)
  • Ball: Whether it’s basketball, volleyball, or just a rubber ball that they make up their own game with
  • Would You Rather: Have this at the ready, it’s a fun time filler

Connect with me on Pinterest…I have a board filled with games good for entertaining teens!

Basic Supplies

Basic supplies to have on hand:

  • Deck of cards with instructions for several games printed out
  • Dice (have about 6-10) with instructions for several games printed out.
  • Dress up bin.  I know, they’re teen-agers.  But, I’ve found that there are still “dress-up” days at school.  Crazy hat day, crazy sock day, etc.  So, it’s nice to have a few basic things on hand.  Comes in handy more often than you’d think!
  • Plastics cups and plates
  • Sidewalk chalk to make boundaries and such
  • A ball!  They can amuse themselves for hours with a plain old bouncy ball – trust me!
  • Balloons

And, always, always have snacks!  🙂


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