Book Lover Planner

A Book Lover’s Yearly Planner 

Everything a Book Lover needs to stay organized all year long!

*Are you a busy mom needing to keep up with it all? A Book Lover’s Planner has an at-a-glance view of 2019, monthly pages to keep up with the bigger picture, and weekly pages to write everything you need to keep up with this week! 

  • Are you a Book Lover wanting to keep track of what you’ve read this year and what you want to read? A Book Lover’s Planner is definitely for you! Each month there’s space for what you’ve read, and what’s on your to-be-read list! 

Keep your year organized by being able to see each month at a quick glance. Put all your important things there so you know what’s going on quickly and easily! 


Almost 100-pages to keep everything you need in one place! All the different parts of your life organized in one place.


Keep your reading recommendations, to-be-read list and what you’ve read all in one place! You’ll always know what you want to read next and what you read last month!


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