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Living an Adventurous Life

I’m not a big “resolution” person.  Each new year, my husband and I tend to work on goals vs. resolutions!  This year I’ve been thinking about adventure as my goal.  Do you look at your life as an adventurous life?  I’ve been looking at mine lately and realizing that I tend to limit my “adventures” to the big mountain-top moments in life.  And, I have to say, while I’ve had a great life filled with some amazing adventures, I don’t go skipping from one mountain-top moment to the next.  Mountain top moments tend to be few and far between!

So, I’ve been pondering what life would look like if I shifted my perspective?  What would happen if I choose to look at life through the lens of adventure?

adventurous life


Choosing an Adventurous Life

So, what would that look like?  To look at life through the lens of adventure?  Here’s what I’m thinking:


1.  Just jump right in wherever you are!

Don’t wait until the stars align properly to start your adventure, just jump right in wherever you happen to be right now! There’s is probably never going to be a perfect time to “start”.  If you’re a planner like me, that’s a bit tricky!  So, jump right in and see what adventures await 🙂

2.  Change your expectations!

Expectations tend to color our experiences, have you noticed that?  If you expect something to be horrible – guess what, it probably will be.  Or, if you are expecting a certain thing to happen and it doesn’t, you might be really disappointed even though it still could have been a great experience.  But, if you were open to whatever comes your way, your journey might be a lot more adventurous!  Shifting our perspective goes a long way!

3.  Try something new!

When was the last time you tried something new?  When I asked myself that question I realized that it had been a really long time.  And, I was disappointed in myself!  So this has become my mission – try new experiences!!  I realize some may be an absolute disaster, but some may be an absolute joy also!

4.  Keep a sense of humor!

This goes along with the absolute disaster I was just talking about!  Being able to laugh at yourself and your situation is a great quality we should strive for.  And, it keeps the stress down and opens you up to exploring different options, so laugh and laugh a lot!

5.  Child-like wonder

When my children were younger, I really enjoyed discovering the world anew with them.  Watching them discover something as simple as a butterfly and to watch it with wonder was a treat.  Even now, with my teenage children, opening them to new experiences and enjoying it with them is still a treat!  I have seen the same wonder with my mom.  She is 80-years old and has dementia and looks at the world with wonder most days.  It’s reopened my eyes to a lot of life that I easily overlook because I’m too busy.

6.  Slow down!

We’ve all heard it – slow down and smell the roses!  Well, I think there’s a lot to be said for slowing down sometimes.  Leave a little white space in your day and see what happens.  It’s hard living when all your time is scheduled.  But, it’s a challenge to NOT have every moment scheduled.  We live in a day and age where “busy” is valued.  If you are not busy, or better yet “really busy”, than you are probably in the minority!  But, when we slow down, magical things have the space to happen 🙂


Adventure Challenge

* Adventure Challenge *

So, I’ve decided to challenge myself (and you) to some adventure!

  • Let’s choose to try new experiences
  • Look at life through the lens of adventure!
  • And, please, don’t wait for the mountain-top experiences to expect adventure, expect an adventure everyday!

2017 Adventurous Life Challenge

So, here’s the details of the Challenge:

  1.  Sign-up to join the challenge ~ we will begin in January
  2. Welcome letter will include some suggestions of new adventures – but definitely don’t limit yourself to these!!
  3. Weekly letter of encouragement, what I’ve been up to, highlight one of your adventures for the week
  4. Your part is to look for the adventure in your life and share it with us on a weekly basis!  By sharing your adventures, we will all get new ideas and fresh perspectives!
  5. See if you look at life differently!  Share what you’ve learned!

So, that’s it my friends!  Care to join me on this Adventurous Journey?!  I’d love to have you along.  So, sign up now and get a FREE Adventure Ideas List!

Let’s Make Today an Adventure Kind of Day!

Remember, sharing is caring!  So, please share with your friends on Social Media!

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